Describes in comprehensive detail the medical condition and ongoing medical requirements of the brain injured individual, and quantifies the cost of providing medical goods and services: such as cost of care, level of care, adaptive equipment, transportation, orthopedic needs, dental, hospitalization, therapies that include occupational, speech and physical. As Christina’s spasticity set in as a result of her brain injury and spastic quadriplegia we began to see changes through the years such as, scoliosis, dislocated hip, extensive dental procedures, g-tube feeding, aspiration requiring deep endotracheal suctioning, wheelchair configuration, transportation, lifts, bath chairs and monitoring equipment. Christina’s Life Care Plan was a road map to current and future medical needs.  The Life Care Planner can predict with a reasonable certainty by accessing one’s medical condition, records and family support of what to anticipate in the future regarding medical needs and cost. If your family member or loved one has a brain injury that has impaired their ability and will require care on an on going basis we can assist in preparing a Life Care Plan. Life Care Plans can be an invaluable planning tool for individuals’ medical needs when experiencing permanent or prolonged brain injury. Please let our intake specialists know that you are interested in receiving additional guidance regarding Life Care Planning for your loved one or someone you care for.