Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute (Moody Neuro) provides personalized care to treat the unique challenges of brain injury with the singular purpose of achieving the best possible outcome for patients and their families.

About Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute

Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute (Moody Neuro), formerly known as the Transitional Learning Center, is a respected leader in brain-injury-specific rehabilitation. Moody Neuro is a CARF-accredited, 501(c)(3)non-profit organization. A holistic approach to brain rehabilitation has been our sole focus since our establishment in 1982. This unique approach emphasizes personalized care, centering around community re-entry and maximized quality of life. Patients and their families can expect unwavering commitment to quality across a continuum of care developed specifically for the needs of brain injury patients. 

Moody Neuro currently operates four locations in the state of Texas: two post-acute rehabilitation facilities in Galveston and Lubbock, and also two long-term living facilities in Galveston and Lubbock. Our team is comprised of Moody Neuro employees, rather than outside contractors. Team members are dedicated to achieving positive outcomes supported by a shared mission, world-class facilities, innovative therapeutic programs, and a sheer desire to improve the lives of our patients every day.


Our desire to focus on brain rehabilitation is deeply rooted in a father’s love for his child. Philanthropist Robert L. Moody, Sr. founded what is today Moody Neurorehabilitation Institute after his son Russell was seriously injured in an auto accident that resulted in an acquired brain injury. Recognizing a dire need for brain injury rehabilitation resources, Mr. Moody immersed himself in understanding neurorehabilitation techniques, strategies and therapies developed by some of the top neurological hospitals and rehabilitation centers in the world. Shortly thereafter, the Galveston facility was created to bring the highest quality of care to Russell and others. With the addition of a post-acute center located in Lubbock, as well as long-term care facilities in Galveston and Lubbock, Moody Neuro now serves patients from across Texas and around the country. Nearly 40 years after its founding, Moody Neuro has gained a reputation as a “pioneer” in the the field of brain injury neurorehabilitation, embracing a rich history of research, therapeutic innovation, and lifechanging breakthroughs in brain injury rehabilitation.