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The Christina Grillo Sullivan Foundation is a 501c(3) public charity dedicated to ENCOURAGE and FACILITATE HEALTHY AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLES FOR CHILDREN AND ADULTS WITH INTELLECTUAL AND PHYSICAL CHALLENGES THROUGH THE FOUNDATIONS ADAPTIVE TENNIS PROGRAMS. Impacting the athletes, physical, social, and emotional well-being, while Fostering Inclusion through UNIFIED SPORTS and VOLUNTEERISM, a Nina Buddy  Volunteers assists athlete’s one on one encouraging them, all the while instilling self-confidence, relieving stress and strengthening social bonds through practice and competition, bringing together both community and family through social activity.

The foundation in addition to the services and programs stated about locates resources for Medical: including (Therapies, OT, PT, and Speech), Educational: Attending with families ARD, which stands for Admission, Review, and Dismissal; these plans outline the academic year for the student.  Social: Social Security Administration SSI, Medicaid, Health, and Human Services Legal: Guardianships, for children, adults and their families to ensure one’s health, safety, and well-being

“Children and adults who have special needs are sometimes left out, not because they want to be but because most of the time athletic programs are not always adapted to their skill level. Our mission is to provide those with intellectual and or physical challenges the opportunity to participate at their level of play in all aspects of adaptive sports. The program pairs able-bodied individuals with those with disabilities through the ‘buddy’ system, providing immeasurable benefits for both. The programs promote inclusion, knowledge, and support, strengthening both community and family through social activity.”  

~Josephine Grillo Sullivan, Executive Director


To perpetuate and sustain the Foundation’s Adaptive Sports and Tennis Center, Executive Director Josephine Grillo Sullivan first had a Vision and sought out Partnerships with USTA, United States Tennis Association knowing the importance that the facility be a USTA approved tennis center. Galveston Independent School District, Galveston Economic Partnership, University of Houston, A&M College Station, A&M Galveston, UTMB, Sea Star Base, Galveston Convention Bureau and Galveston Park Board.

The Christina Grillo Sullivan Adaptive Sports and Tennis Center, consisting of twelve outdoor courts, four youth courts, four indoor tennis courts, one multipurpose court. All adapted for athletes that experience physical or intellectual challenges, A Center of INCLUSION, hosting USTA Tennis Tournaments, Special Olympic Tennis Tournament, College Tournament, High School, Camps for families, children, and adults.

On the Centers Multipurpose adaptive sports court Tournaments for wheelchair, basketball, wheelchair rugby, power wheelchair soccer, wheelchair football, sitting volleyball, standing tennis (amputee), standing basketball. Multisport arena area will contain an Indoor jogging track,  adaptive rock climbing wall (amazing), 7,500 sq. ft. adaptive Gym, multipurpose activity room, accessible men and women’s locker rooms, family caregiver area with adult changing center, bath, shower, and lavatory.

The center will be partnered with (TBA)  Sports Rehabilitation Medicine Center to offer extensive therapeutic services.  Once at the center, the Athlete’s and community will have a full-service Cafe and Pro Shop catering to both nutrition and equipment needs for the athletes and patrons from the Community. TCGSF Adaptive Sports and Tennis Center will become a destination for sports tourism and forever woven into the fabric of our city.

“It’s not just about the tennis, It’s so much more”   Josephine Sullivan, Executive Director

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Thank you to THE ROTARY CLUB OF GALVESTON ISLAND for your kindness & support for the children and adults with intellectual and physical challenges that THE CHRISTINA GRILLO SULLIVAN FOUNDATION serves through its USTA Adaptive Tennis Programs. It was a blessing and an honor as Executive Director to share with the members the journey of the foundation its mission and future vision to continue to…BRING PEOPLE HOPE 

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