The Christina Grillo Sullivan Foundation: “A Network of Guardians for Hope and Guidance” is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity dedicated to providing hope and guidance for children and adults with intellectual and physical challenges and their families.  

To provide a network of resources to foster compassionate reassurance for children and adults with intellectual and physical challenges, their families, and support networks facing daily challenges while guiding them through the medical, educational, legal, and social networks. The mission of The Christina Grillo Sullivan Foundation is to assist individuals by providing physical activity and sociability through the foundations Adaptive Tennis Programs. 

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Texas A&M College Station

GEDP 6th Annual Economic Development Summit

The Christina Grillo Sullivan Foundation was honored to be a part of the Galveston Economic Development Partnership’s (GEDP) 6th Annual Economic Development Summit. The Foundation would like to thank Jeff Sjostrom, President of the GEDP, for all of his hard work and for the invitation. Executive Director, Josephine Grillo Sullivan, presented to the summit the project to build an adaptive tennis center in Galveston County. The center will be specially adapted for recreational tennis opportunities for individuals with differing abilities and circumstances through inclusion knowledge and support, as well as open to the community general public to promote economic development and sports tourism. Click here if you would like to read the story in full.

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