“A network of guardians for hope and guidance”

The Christina Grillo Sullivan Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity organization founded to honor the life of Christina Grillo Sullivan, and dedicated to serving medically dependent children and adults with brain injuries, their families, and their support networks. The Sullivan Foundation provides the necessary resources for families to care for their loved ones, including medical, educational, legal, and social assistance. The Foundation connects individuals with governmental agencies, area care centers, and local professionals and organizations that assist in meeting the medical needs and protecting the rights of individuals with brain injuries.


The Sullivan Foundation has partnered with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) and Special Olympics Texas to create a year round adaptive tennis program. Adaptive Tennis is a powerful tool for increasing the physical and emotional health of individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities, while creating an essential support network among athletes & their families. The program hosts inclusive tennis events for students with intellectual and physical disabilities, promoting self-confidence, physical exercise, and social connections. The Christina Grillo Sullivan Foundation is excited to bring to Galveston this Nationwide adaptive tennis program including the surrounding Gulf Coast areas. The program is now in progress with Galveston ISD during 2017-2018 school year.

  • Athletic programming for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • 6 indoor courts and 12 outdoor courts 
  • Partnerships with United States Tennis Association, Special Olympics Texas, and Galveston ISD


Overview: The Sullivan Foundation is working to bring the first Adaptive USTA approved Tennis Center to Galveston Island. The Center will be comprised of six indoor courts and twelve outdoor courts, including locker room facilities, a pro-shop, parking, and multi-use space. The Galveston Economic Development Partnership is currently working with the Foundation to locate a site.

Need: The Tennis Center will allow the Sullivan Foundation to expand their current adaptive tennis program, offering year-round activities such as league tournaments and camps. The Center will host the Special Olympics and other annual events for individuals with disabilities and their families, and in addition, the Center will host events for people without disabilities, such as USTA tournaments. The Center offers the perfect mix of community development, tourism attractiveness, and inclusive for those with physical and intellectual disabilities, who often have few options to explore their athletic abilities.

Project Benefits and Tourism: The creation of a multi-use, adaptive tennis center will significantly increase sports tourism in Galveston. The Center will operate the USTA Special Olympics Texas tennis program, and create numerous jobs in office administration, grounds maintenance, and coaching. The Christina Grillo Sullivan Adaptive Tennis Center has received numerous letter of support from, and to name a few, the Galveston Economic Development Partnership, the City Manager of Galveston, the Galveston Parks Board, the Galveston Chamber of Commerce, Galveston Parks and Recreation, Moody Gardens, and many other members of the local government and business community.

The Christina Grillo Sullivan Foundation
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