The love and devotion that Josephine gave to her daughter Christina continues on today by way of “The Christina Grillo Sullivan Foundation” that Josephine, Craig and Christian established to honor Christina’s life by assisting families and their loved ones with brain injury through the foundation.

Request Josephine Grillo Sullivan to speak at your nextscreen-shot-2016-06-23-at-11-55-37-am training session or conference to learn and hear the life changing story about how a mother’s love for her daughter influenced the structured settlement industry, changed law, and set a precedent with the second court of appeals case opinion holding guardian ad-litems accountable for breaching their fiduciary duty. Bringing about a change where attorneys now ask their clients to sign what is now known as the Grillo Waiver.


Thank you again for attending the SSP Annual meeting in Tucson AZ.  The presentation you made, the information you shared and the story that you told was my favorite part of my time at the meeting.  Thank you for letting us get to know you and Christina on a much more personal level than what we had seen and read in the “case notes” and legal documents over the last 30+ years.  It was wonderful to meet you and to learn about how much effort and love goes into caring for a special needs child……you both look great for being over 150 years old in “care years” as Josephine pointed out!

– Society of Settlement Planners

“I have worked for Forge for a decade. I came in to settlement planning after my mother passed away, penniless, after spending through a cash settlement. Christina’s was the first case study I reviewed in training and is still, a decade later, relevant to my planning process in education our clients on all available options. Thank you for sharing your story with us and with others.”

– Forge Consulting, Training Seminar attendee

It was an honor to meet you two in Tucson. So glad you came out and told “the rest of the story” as Neil said. I know your angel is still touching lives everyday. From our perspective, as I related to you, her botched settlement and the resulting legal resolution fundamentally changed the structured settlement industry, and was part of the genesis of the Settlement Planning profession. So over the last 20 years she has affected literally thousands of injury victims and their families. Pretty cool.


“THANK YOU – testimonials like yours and expressing your story of Nina are absolutely critical for our organization. especially those in our office who never have the opportunity to meet with our clients face to face. You bring much needed perspective as to why we do what we do.”

– Forge Consulting, Training Seminar attendee

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Christina Grillo Sullivan and a mother’s love changed the industry!